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NBA Season Preview 2013-14: Southeast Division

by Sebastian Egerton-Read • October 23, 2013

The NBA 2013-14 season is just over one week away. Training camps and preseason action is fizzling out as the nature and likely story lines of the upcoming season become more obvious. The Southeast division will once again be all about the Miami Heat and their attempt to reach a fourth consecutive NBA finals and […]

Is Phil Jackson Really Done Coaching in the NBA?

by James Folsom • May 10, 2013

Is Phil Jackson really done coaching in the NBA? It did not appear so earlier this year when it looked as if he was clearly interested in coming back to coach the Los Angeles Lakers after they fired Mike Brown five games into the season. But now, after turning down the Brooklyn Nets job earlier […]

Dwight Howard vs Orlando: Here is What Dwight Should Say

by James Folsom • March 13, 2013

Dwight Howard made his return to the Orlando Magic home crowd and was met with boos, curse words, derogatory signs and and ton of ill wishes. Thus is life in pro sports. One day they love you, the next day they hate you. This is what Dwight Howard could say to make me, a fan […]

2013 NBA Mock Draft : The Cellar Dwellers

by James Folsom • March 9, 2013

It is a bit early to project the draft order for the upcoming NBA draft. First, we don’t know which players will come out early and which won’t. Unlike football, every player in college basketball is eligible to enter the draft at the end of the season. So predicting who will and who won’t is […]

Remembering Jordan on his 50th

by James Folsom • February 14, 2013

There have been so many articles and news stories about Michael Jordan lately since he is turning 50 this weekend. So I thought I might as well join in. I was a season ticket holder with the Orlando Magic when they first started in October of 1989 The NBA was a big new thing in […]

NBA Regular Season Too Long?

by James Folsom • December 31, 2012

Last year at this time the NBA season was just getting started. Because of a labor dispute between the owners and players, the regular season began on Christmas. There were many, and some still agree, the Christmas would be a good time to start every NBA season. Many feel 82 games is too many. College […]

NBA Basketball Going the Way of Baseball?

by James Folsom • September 24, 2012

The NBA instituted a salary cap to try to be less like baseball and more like the NFL. The NFL is the most popular sports league in the nation, maybe even in the world. One of the reasons for the success of the NFL is parity. Anyone can win a Super Bowl. You can be […]

Orlando Magic Fans: Avoid the Rush, Boo Dwight Howard Now

by James Folsom • January 9, 2012

He still puts on an Orlando Magic uniform every game, but Dwight Howard has left the Orlando Magic. It’s a shame really. Because with Dwight there in body only, the Magic have remained competitive in the Southeast Division at 6-3 with Howard putting out a half hearted effort on the court and feeding the fans […]

Is Dwight Howard to Blame for Demanding a Trade Out of Orlando?

by James Folsom • December 13, 2011

According to All-Star Center Dwight Howard, the reason he is wanting to leave Orlando is because he has not been asked to participate in the personnel decisions in building the team. Now I’m sure many people are going to say, “Dwight.You’re job is to play basketball. Running the team is someone else’s job. Shut up […]

Dwight Howard and Chris Paul: Where Will They End Up?

by James Folsom • December 6, 2011

The two biggest names in the NBA as far as soon-to-be free agents are Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. Rumors are rampant about where the two will be playing in the 2012-13 season. Here in sunny Central Florida, scuttlebutt is that the Orlando Magic are willing to break the bank wide open to keep Dwight […]