He still puts on an Orlando Magic uniform every game, but Dwight Howard has left the Orlando Magic. It’s a shame really. Because with Dwight there in body only, the Magic have remained competitive in the Southeast Division at 6-3 with Howard putting out a half hearted effort on the court and feeding the fans a line of BS off it.

When he says “I love Orlando”, that’s a crock. He does not love Orlando. He doesn’t even like Orlando. If he did he’s be doing his best to give Orlando a championship before he bolts for the big city. Last night in Sacramento? Five Points, four rebounds in 20 minutes. Was he mad about it? No. In fact he seems more mad that he is still in Magic Blue and Black.

“Nothing has changed,” Howard said. “There is no need to focus on everything else besides going out every night and playing hard for 48 minutes or however long I’m on the court. All the other stuff is up to the Magic. For me, I’m going to be Dwight every night. Have fun on the court, entertain the fans, block shots, run the floor, rebound, do whatever I got to do to win.

really? We got 20 out of you last night. And five points. After an 18 point first quarter on Friday against Chicago, you vanished. Where did you go? Ten points in three quarters? In a national TV game at home?

Look. If you’re going to give a half way effort at least admit what we already know. You don’t give a damn about Orlando. You don’t give a damn about the fans. You could not care any less about the team that drafted you, paid you millions, and gave you a starting job when you were a greenhorn that couldn’t throw a ten footer in the ocean. Admit you’re another spoiled, ungrateful whiner and all you want is your ticket to Los Angeles so you can stay on Shaquille O’Neal career path. Hell, you even stole his whole “Superman” thing. What next? Are you gonna go out there and get into a public feud with Kobe?

Orlando fans. Show some pride. Stop with the begging and pleading. Tell Dwight Howard not to let the door hit him on his backside on the way out of town. Start booing him now. He’s booing you. He’s been booing you for a year now. Don’t give him the satisfaction of the tears and utter disappointment that Shaq got when he left. Let this giant baby know that Orlando is a “Big Boy” team and we are going to go on without him. If he wants to go to a big market when his contract is up, fine. Nobody has a problem with a guy who is not under contract signing with whatever teams wants him the most.

But right now you are still under contract with the Orlando Magic. The Magic is still spending a boatload of money on you. They are a playoff caliber team with you giving a half ass effort. If you were playing up to your capabilities, who knows? Maybe they are a title contender. You want to leave next season? No problem. We don’t think it’s too much to ask that you put all your efforts into bringing a championship to Orlando this year. After all, it’s what you get paid for.