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NBA Analysis: Assessing The Eastern Conference

by Sebastian Egerton-Read • November 27, 2013

The NBA season is a little over one month old. Much of the speculation and story lines from the offseason and preseason has come to fruition or been dismissed by evidence of the realities on the court. With that in mind Basketball Schedule assesses the 15 Eastern conference teams and their respective performances so far […]

Resting NBA Players: Are the Fans Getting Robbed?

by James Folsom • April 10, 2013

The hot topic centered around the final days of the NBA regular season oddly enough is not whether the Los Angeles Lakers are going to make the playoffs. The hot topic is whether or not stars should be playing in their team’s final regular season games as opposed to resting for the playoffs. Some are […]

NBA Basketball Going the Way of Baseball?

by James Folsom • September 24, 2012

The NBA instituted a salary cap to try to be less like baseball and more like the NFL. The NFL is the most popular sports league in the nation, maybe even in the world. One of the reasons for the success of the NFL is parity. Anyone can win a Super Bowl. You can be […]