The two biggest names in the NBA as far as soon-to-be free agents are Dwight Howard and Chris Paul. Rumors are rampant about where the two will be playing in the 2012-13 season. Here in sunny Central Florida, scuttlebutt is that the Orlando Magic are willing to break the bank wide open to keep Dwight here. This may require them to not only pay #12 a huge contract but also to go get Chris Paul to come to Disney World as well. It’ is no secret that Dwight is getting sick of not having enough help to get he Magic over the hump.

Ironically, had the Magic stood pat with their same club that went to the NBA Finals in 2009, they probably had a great shot at winning it all a year ago. But the moves they have made to try to placate Howard and “get him help” have back-fired. Guys like Gilbert Arenas, Vince Carter, Jason Richardson, Quentin Richardson and Chris Duhon have not panned out. The Magic may have been better off keeping Courtney Lee, Rashard Lewis and company.

The Magic is trying. They built a gorgeous new arena that will be going into its second year this season. This thing is a palace. The DeVos family didn’t build this sparkling new building with all the amenities to have the team stink and draw 5,000 fans every night. They will spend whatever it takes to keep the team competitive. Does that mean DH is staying? Not necessarily. Although the new CBA will make it more difficult for super stars to change cities chasing the elusive ring, it will not stop them. SO perhaps the Magic will have to go the route of the Nuggets did will Carmelo Anthony and trade Howard.

Andrew Bynum has been brought up in a possible deal with the Lakers. Maybe they get Bynum and another player like Pau Gasol or Lamar Odom, plus a draft pick or two. Then they can spend a ton going after CP3. Paul might be willing to team up with Bynum and Odom. It’s certainly more than he has to work with right now. New Orleans is really in no position to sign Paul. They have an old arena and no owner. So trading him is their only option. What would the magic have to give them to get him for this year while they still have Dwight? Draft picks always work. And Jameer Nelson is a pretty good point guard in his own right. But with CP# there won’t be any room for him in O-Town. Maybe a year with CP# will make Dwight change his mind about leaving too. Pull the trigger Otis.