Sometimes, there are great players in the NBA who have the misfortune of bad timing. Since the NBA is a dynasty breeder, if you are playing on the wrong time during a dynasty you can lose your shot at winning a championship. Players like Dwight Howard are wary of this, which is why you see stars looking to move around so much via free agency. Sometimes, you do not have the luxury of patience.

Many players found this out in their careers, waiting patiently until it was too late. Here is a list of the greatest players in NBA history never to win a championship:

Charles Barkley- An 11 time All-Star and an MVP, Barkley had the n=misfortune, as did many on the list, of playing at the same time as Michael Jordan. He and his Phoenix Suns lost in the Finals to Jordan’s Bulls in 1993 in six games.

Karl Malone- A 14 time All-Star and two-time MVP, Malone is #2 all time in scoring and seventh in rebounds. In 1997 and again in 1998, the Malone and John Stocton led Utah Jazz lost to Jordan’s Bulls in six each time.

John Stockton- When you think Malone, you think Stockton. The two were the best scoring duo ever. Malone is second in points while Stockton leads in assists all time. Stockton is a 10 time All-Star and is also #1 all time in steals.

Pat Ewing- An 11 time All-Star, Ewing was the dominant center during Jordan’s era, and they often faced them in the Eastern Conference. Ewing and his Knicks had a great chance while Jordan was off giving baseball a try. In 1994, they lost to the Houston Rockets in the Finals in seven games.

Reggie Miller- Miller was the deadliest three-point shooter during the days of Jordan. A five time All-Star, Miller’s playoff battles with the New York Knicks and Ewing are legendary. Miller and his Pacers made it to the NBA Finals after Jordan retired, only to run into another dynasty, the Shaquiile O’Neal and Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers in 2000.

Elgin Baylor- An 11 time All-Star, Baylor played during the days of Bill Russell’s Celtics. He is in the top ten all time in points per game and rebounds per game. His best shot was in 1969 when the Lakers were upset in Game Even at home against the Celtics in the Finals.

Pete Maravich- Pistol Pete was a five time All Star and a scoring machine. Had he played during the three-point shot era, who knows? His best shot was in 1980 when his Celtics lost to the Philadelphia 76ers in five games.

Artis Gilmore- The A Train came close to winning a ring in college, leading the Jacksonville Dolphins to the NCAA Tournament Championship game in 1970. He is a five time All-Star who is fifth all time in rebounds and fourth in blocked shots.

George Gervin- The Ice Man was a silky smooth scorer in the 1970s with the San Antonio Spurs. His finger roll was a thing of beauty as he led the NBA in scoring four times. He was a three time ABA All-Star and a nine time NBA All Star. His best shot was in 1979 when they lost to the Washington Bullets in the Eastern Conference Finals in seven games.