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Bracket Strategy: Pick a Number One Seed to Win the Tournament

The moral of the story after all is said and done, you want to be the overall number one seed on Selection Sunday. The Louisville Cardinals were that team this year and they were the only number one seed to make the Final Four. They were joined by two number fours and a number nine

Who Has Helped Their Draft Stock in the NCAA Tournament?

Players in the past have really helped their draft status by having a great NCAA Tournament. One that comes quickly to mind for me is Joakim Noah in 2006. He was a relative unknown going into that NCAA Tournament. By the team he had led the Florida Gators to a national championship, set the record

March Madness: Is It Time the Tournament Took 72 Teams?

In the past, we have pretty much decided that more March Madness is always a good thing. A certain chain of sports themed restaurants/bars recently started running a commercial where a patron was overheard making a comment that he wishes the tournament was bigger, so the bartender grabs his magic remote and presses a button

March Madness Begins: Projecting the Tournament’s Top Seeds

The calendar flipped to march over the weekend. That is music to the ears of college basketball fans. The regular season will wind down this week which means “bubble watching” will be our greatest obsession and Joe Lunardi will be America’s biggest unknown celebrity, if there is such a thing. What does Lunardi do the

College Basketball’s Most Disappointing Teams in 2012-13 Season

Thinking back to the beginning of the season, there are several teams that just have not lived up to the preseason hype. Let’s take a look at some of the worst offenders: North Carolina State Wolfpack- The Wolfpack is 19-7 and 8-5 in the ACC with wins over Duke, UConn and North Carolina. But the

2013 NCAA Tournament Field Predictions : Top 16

Everybody seems to have an opinion on who is in and who is out of the NCAA Tournament. It’s a lot of fun to speculate on possible match-ups a month before the Big Dance begins, but until all of the conference tournaments are played it is really just shooting in the dark. There are over