John Calipari

What Can The Uber-Talented Kentucky Wildcats Achieve In 2013-14?

by Sebastian Egerton-Read • October 16, 2013

The Kentucky Wildcats once again start a college basketball season with the top recruiting class in the country. They once again start a season probably as the favorites to win a National Championship. However, as John Calipari enters his fourth season on Kentucky’s head coach, another extremely talented, but extremely young Wildcats’ roster will know […]

Is Bill Self Giving Calipari Some Competition in Recruiting Game?

by James Folsom • May 15, 2013

Andrew Wiggins is going to be playing or the Kansas Jayhawks next season. This changes everything. Wiggins has been called the best prospect to come out of high school in 10 years, since Lebron James came out. Most had Wiggins going either to the Florida State Seminoles or the Kentucky Wildcats. Had he picked Kentucky, […]

NBA Head Coaching Changes: Who Will End Up Where?

by James Folsom • April 30, 2013

Every time a sports season ends, many coaches whose teams underachieved lose their jobs. It’s just part of the game. Coaches are hired to be fired in most cases. The NBA season is over for most teams so now is a good time to look at the vacant jobs and speculate on who may take […]

Rick Pitino: From Kentucky to Louisville How He Built Two Championship Caliber Teams

by James Folsom • April 4, 2013

It is hard to believe, but no coach has won NCAA Tournament championships at more than one school. One would think in 75 years it would have been done by now. Several coaches have been to Final Fours with more than one school. Roy Williams immediately comes to mind as he took the Kansas Jayhawks […]

Will Kentucky’s Coach Calipari Need to Shift Gears in Recruiting?

by James Folsom • March 4, 2013

The John Calipari method of recruiting since he has been the coach of the Kentucky Wildcats has been pretty simple. He goes to or or whatever recruiting website he likes and looks at the rankings. Then he starts at the top and works his way down at each position and gets the top […]