Lebron James has never competed in the Sprite All Star Slam Dunk Contest. His reasons for not doing so? Nobody really knows for sure, but some have speculated he does not want to lose the dunk contest and look bad. Before you dismiss that as a reason, remember when his people quickly squashed video of him being dunked on by a high school player a few year ago The high school player turned out to be Jordan Crawford who is currently playing for the Washington Wizards, so really was it that bad?

Lebron now routinely puts on a “Slam Dunk Contest” type show in his pregame warm-ups now. His story is he wants to work up a good sweat before the game starts, which is fine. But why do it while performing jaw-dropping dunks? Is it to show that if you wanted to you could win the Slam Dunk Contest? If so, then there is only one way to really show the world you could win it, go out and win it.

If Lebron wants to someday be thought of as being as good or better than Michael Jordan, then he needs to do things Jordan did. He needs the rings. Jordan has six, James has one. He needs the MVPs. Jordan won five, Lebron is on his way to a fourth.

But one thing Lebron has not attempted that Jordan also did was win the dunk contest. Every time we see a MJ highlight segment on TV, they always include some of the dunks he made in the Slam Dunk Contest. James can only help himself in the James vs Jordan argument by putting some of those highlights to be compared to Jordan.

James in the Dunk Contest would make it an event not to be missed once again. When is the last time anyone watched the dunk contest? The fans want to see it. Even Magic Johnson wants to see it. He wants to see it so much that he is willing to put up one million dollars to the winner, provided Lebron participates.

Now, should Lebron put himself in the dunk contest? Absolutely. At this point he is putting himself at risk of being called a coward. That’s something he surely does not want. But should he do it because Magic is putting up a million bucks? No. Lebron does not need the money. He should not be bribed or guilted in to doing the Dunk Contest.

How much money does Magic have that he can just throw a million around like it’s tip money? Good for him. But put it back in your wallet Magic. We would love to see Lebron in the dunk contest too, but only if he really wants to do it.