The Boston Celtics roster should look drastically different than what it looked like the last few years. How different? Well, there are many rumors circulating that Doc Rivers could wind up taking a new job. That should tell us something.

If Rivers was entertaining offers, it was because he was thinking he might not want to take on a rebuilding project. He wants a playoff contender. That is why it was possible he may have been the next Brooklyn Nets coach. But he is coming back to Boston and really, there will still be some pieces there.

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett likely will  be gone. Pierce has stated it it doubtful he will be back. One would assume without those two then Jason Terry probably won’t be back either.

So who will be wearing the Celtics green going forward? How about Rajon Rondo? Rondo is one of the best point guards in the NBA. Rondo is an assist machine, but to rack up assists, guys have to put the ball in the basket. Who do the Celtics have that will do that? How about Jeff Green? Toward the end of this past season, he was really lighting it up.

So that’s two decent pieces. What else? Well, there is Brandon Bass, Courtney Lee, Jared Sullinger, Fab Melo, Avery Bradley and Jordan Crawford. That may not be a roster to throw a scare into the Miami Heat or New York Knicks, but there are some good players in there. Most importantly, there is some youth in there. That is something the Celtics have lacked in recent years. Players like Sullinger and Melo and even Lee and Crawford, could gel together and get better.

With Pierce and Garnett gone, so is about 27 million a year in salary. This gives the Celtics some money to spend if they choose to go that rout. There are some good free agents out there too this summer. Imagine the Celtics with Greg Munroe. Now they are looking pretty good. Our how about Andre Iguodala? Or Monta Ellis? The Celtics will have some money to throw at some of those guys.

If the Celtics can land a good free agent or two, suddenly, they look like they are in good shape for next year.

A lot will depend on Sullinger. He has had a lot of injury issues so far in is basketball career, but when healthy, he can play. Many projected him as a lottery pick when he was at Ohio State