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The NBA team San Antonio Spurs are based out of San Antonio, Texas and play in the Western Conference’s Southwest Division as part of the National Basketball Association.

The San Antonio Spurs were formerly a member of the American Basketball Association and are one of the four remaining ABA teams remaining in the NBA following the ABA-NBA merger of 1976 along with the Nuggets, Pacers and Nets. They are the only former team from the ABA to win the NBA championship.

San Antonio has won a total of four NBA championships. The only franchises with more are the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics. The perfect record of the Spurs in the NBA Finals is only surpassed by the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls won six Championships without any losses. The Spurs and Bulls are the only teams to have perfect records in multiple Final series. The Spurs have the third highest winning percentage for active franchises in NBA history. Since joining the NBA they have missed the playoffs just four times.

Since 1976-1977, in San Antonio’s 33 seasons playing in the NBA, the Spurs have won 17 division titles, the most in the NBA during that span of 33 years. The Lakers have won the second most with 16. Over the past 20 seasons, the Spurs have made it into the playoffs 19 times. Since 1997 when Tim Duncan became a member of the Spurs, San Antonio haven’t missed the playoffs over 13 seasons.