There are some good young players who are ready to make their marks in the NBA Playoffs this year. Of course, many of them had better be quick about it because they won’t be in the playoffs for very long. But here are some we think you may want to watch for while their teams last.

Chandler Parsons, Houston Rockets- Parsons is one of those players that just seems to improve every year. He’s been that way since college. He also has a knack for hitting huge shots late in games, which also goes back to his college days. He hit a buzzer beater to send the last regular season game against the Los Angeles Lakers into overtime.

Eric Bledsoe, Los Angeles Clippers- Often overshadowed because he plays behind Chris Paul, Bledsoe would be the starting point guard on many teams. He can shoot, dish and play defense. Paul has been quoted as saying at times he doesn’t mind being on the bench while Bledsoe plays. That is something he says he has never felt before.

Kenneth Faried, Denver Nuggets– Faried is the next great power forward. He is as athletic as an big man in the game. He plays like he is double parked. He is Blake Griffin without the L.A. media hype. A great rebounder and shot blocker, his offense is improving. If he gets to where he can score consistently on plays other than put backs and fast break slams, he will be a star.

Jeff Green, Boston Celtics- He may not qualify as young anymore, but he about to break out as the Celtics next big thing. His play at the end of the regular season was outstanding. If he continues to get better in the playoffs, watch out for him next year.

Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio Spurs– The Spurs have been needing some young blood to come in and help out the old guys and it looks as if Leonard is that guy. He can drive it to the hoop and step back and hit the three. He has a lot of potential.

Earl Clark, Los Angeles Lakers- Clark was a throw-in with Dwight Howard and it turns out the Lakers got a teal in him. He has been a good player all year for L.A. If he can get some good minutes in the playoffs, he might surprise some folks. He is turning into a good power forward.

Brook Lopez, Brooklyn Nets- Lopez is becoming a star in this league, but the Nets are often overshadowed in New York by the Knicks. The playoffs may well be his coming out party.

Those are some of the young guns that we will have our eyes on, but there will probably be one or two more that we didn’t see coming that will make a statement for their teams in the post season.