Not Being a Contender has its Advantages

For the fans of team who lose their superstars to other big city teams, it is not all doom and gloom. If you are one of the people hurt by this wretched economy and have not been able to afford tickets to things like the NBA, now is your chance to go. If you are in the Orlando area for example, you can go to sites such as ours and get tickets dirt cheap. There are tickets to all four preseason games for under $2.00 apiece. Even after adding in the service charges that always come with purchasing tickets, you can get four tickets to a game for under $20. Even after paying $10-20 to park, you’re in for under $40.00. You can’t take a family of four to the movies that cheap.

So what if your team isn’t any good? This is the NBA for less than ten bucks a person. I’ll be willing to bet there be be plenty of empty seats you can move down to to watch the second half too. So how about the regular season? We have plenty of games under $10.00, some as low as $7.00. So for under $40.00 you and a friend can go watch an NBA game. When you consider two tickets to any NFL game will run you $100, you cannot beat that.

Here are some of the games with the cheapest tickets:

Phoenix Suns at Orlando Magic- as low as $5.00 for Sunday, Nov 4th

Detroit Pistons at Orlando Magic- as low as $5.00 for Wednesday Nov 21st.

Cleveland Cavaliers at Phoenix Suns- as low as $13.00 for Friday Nov 9th.

Phoenix Suns at Charlotte Bobcats- as low as $6.00 for Wednesday Nov 7th.

Denver Nuggets at Phoenix Suns- as low as $15.00 for Monday Nov 12th.

So as you can see, with a bookmarking our page, you can find some really good deals to go take the kids to a game this season. Take advantage because you never know when your local team will land the next Lebron James and you’ll have to watch all the games on TV.


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