Who has the NBA’s best tattoos? Tattoos are such a part of the NBA now that we can ask this question without sounding ridiculous. I am not a big fan of tattoos myself. I believe less is more when it comes to body ink. Once you get too many of them they just look like a jumbled mess.

The biggest offender is Chris Andersen of the Miami Heat. The “Bird Man” is nearly out of skin to ink. He is covered from his chin to his feet. But, he has “FREE BIRD” on his neck in such bold colors you can actually still make it out even with all the other tattoos. Maybe it is because I have always been such a huge Lynyrd Skynyrd fan, but this is my favorite NBA tat.

I also like the tattoos to mean something. I suppose that most of them do. Probably not too many get them because they think it looks cool. But if you get one to honor your mother, father, hometown, or a lost loved one, I like those.

Carlos Boozer has one to honor Juneau, Alaska, his hometown and Mike Miller has one for his hometown in South Dakota. It’s nice to remember the folks back home.

I also don’t mind the ones with crosses on them such as the one on Kenyon Martin and in college hoops, Scottie Wilbekin of the Florida Gators. When he gets to the NBA, his will be among my favorites.

But how about ones that are just strictly awesome, such as Nicola Pekovic‘s Medeival Knight? What makes it cool is it is very artistic, but it is also the only one he has on that arm,so it stands out. Remember, less is more.

But of all my favorites, I like Dwight Howard‘s. But wait, Howard doesn’t have any tattoos that we can see does he? No. He doesn’t. And it looks freaking awesome! I’m sure there are other NBA players who are tattoo free, and props to them, but Howard is probably the most famous. He may not be my favorite player after his departure from the Orlando Magic, but I have to give him credit for not giving in to the peer pressure to ink up.