That is a question many college basketball fans are pondering as they are watching John Calipari of the Kentucky Wildcats assemble what will likely be the best class of incoming freshmen to go to one school in college hoops history. Calipari has eight freshmen coming in so far, six of them McDonald’s All Americans.

With the Harrison twins, Aaron and Andrew in the back court, Dakari Johnson at center, Julius Randle at forward and James Young at the other forward, the Wildcats can make an entire starting lineup of freshmen rated in the Top 11 of the Rivals Top 150.

If the Kats can add the number one ranked player, Andrew Wiggins, they may just hand the trophy over them and cancel the season. It has been said that Wiggins is one of those players that comes along only every few years, such as Lebron James or Kobe Bryant.

Of course, nobody ever knows how good a class is until after the fact. The 2012 class for example, turned out to not be all that great, especially the guys that Kentucky ended up with. Other than Nerlens Noel, they were all disappointing. The players that UCLA got  that were supposed to put them back on top were not that good either. In fact, it can be argued the best player in the class turned out to be Mitch McGary of the Michigan Wolverines, and he was ranked #30.

But never has there been more hype about a bunch of high school players as there has been about the ones in this class. Not only the six All-Americans headed for the Wildcats and Wiggins, but the two going to the Florida Gators in Kasey Hill and Chris Walker and Jabari Parker of the Duke Blue Devils have their fan bases giddy with excitement.

To be rated the best class ever, there will of course need to be some NBA superstars in the group. It is way too early to make that call. But one thing is for sure, it is among the most hyped classes of all time. If they come close to living up to the expectations, some NBA GMs will be very happy to have them on their roster in a couple of years.

On paper, you look at this Kentucky class and compare it to the Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist class that won the national championship two years ago and it is easy to see why UK fans are excited. This class has five guys ranked in the top 11 where that on had four ranked in the top 22.

However, we have seen players that were highly ranked coming out of high school that struggled in college, especially with the bright lights of places like Kentucky shining on them. Alex Poythress and Archie Goodwin come to mind. So let’s just see how the season plays out before making the call on “best ever.”