Clippers Win; Lakers Lose in Staples Center Double Dip

Mo Williams continued his red hot shooting on Sunday, leading the Clippers with 26 points in a win over the Raptors 103-91. Williams scored the Clips’ first 17 points in the fourth quarter, but preferred to deflect credit to his teammates after the game.

“I didn’t do it by myself. I mean, let’s get that straight,” Williams said. “Anytime you’re doing something, you’re not doing it alone. You can’t play one-on-five—not in this league. It might look like it because I’m the guy making the baskets. But trust me, there’s a lot of things that have to go on for me to get the ball in the right spots.”

“Obviously, my teammates know how to set screens. That’s one thing we do really well,” Williams said. “Today we really executed and the guys got me the ball in the right spots. I’ve been in this league nine years, so I think everybody’s pretty confident with what I can do. I’m just playing and trying to do whatever I can to help the team.”

“Another loss—and the way we lost is definitely frustrating,”The Raptors’ DeMar DeRozan said. “We dug ourselves our own hole. We tried to fight back, but teams are too good in this league to allow that. Teams are going out there and jumping on our team. No one likes to take a loss, so we need to act like it from the start.”

Later in the evening at Staples Center, Roy Hibbert suffered a broken nose, but did not let that stop him from scoring 18 points for the Pacers in their 98-96 win over the Lakers. “Kobe spun baseline, I jumped straight up and he inadvertently elbowed me in the face,” said Hibbert, one of six Pacers to score in double figures. “It didn’t hurt that much. I couldn’t get it fixed up because they didn’t have a doctor here to put it back in place, but I went back here and got an X-ray done.”

“They didn’t want me to come back out, but I told them I’m going to no matter what,” said Hibbert, who was still bleeding after coming out of the showers. “So if I got hit again, that’s fine. I could always get cosmetic surgery at the end of the season to fix it. I’m a tough player, and I just wanted to play through it and make sure we got this win. This game was really important to us. I just wanted to make sure I found open shooters and cutters and score whenever I could.”

The Pacers are quietly off to a great start at 11-4. The Lakers fell to 10-8.

“We’re really not shooting the ball well. We have to start knocking down some of those shots,” Bryant said. “The opposition is shooting the ball much better than we are, especially from 3. After the first quarter, we opened the floodgates and just let them score at will. Then you compound that with the fact that we’re having a tough time scoring.”



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