Artest Gets Seven Games Off For Flagrant Elbow

The artist never to be referred to again on this site as MWP, A.K.A Ron Artest received his punishment today for the brutal attack he levied against Oklahoma City’s James Harden. Here’s my problem with this. If I did that to someone at my job, I’d be fired immediately and deservedly so. Also, there’s a pretty good chance I’d be escorted off the premises in handcuffs riding in the back seat of a quad car. Then after spending a night at two at the Gray Bar Hotel, I’m probably looking at six months of probation, checking in periodically downtown, submitting urine sample, going to court for this and that and likely a weekly anger management class. So this millionaire thug does this on camera in front of the whole world and he gets what? A vacation?

And it’s not like this is his first offense either. We saw him attack paying customers at a game in Detroit before. What next? Are we going to wait until he kills someone. And oh by the way, that day could easily have been Sunday. The spot where that elbow to Harden’s head landed is about the same place that a third base coach named Coolbaugh caught a line drive and was killed by it. There have also been instances of baseball being hit by throws just below the ear and killed by it.

So Ron Artest vengefully throws an elbow into that spot and he’s not only walking around a free man but he’s going to be allowed to resume his career making millions? And do we know yet how many games Harden will be out? Because at the very least, Artest should not play in Harden cannot. If Artest is not booted from the league for this vicious attack, then how about the heave-ho for trying to insult our intelligence by saying it was an accident? If that’s an accident, then empty all prisons now for the accidental” crimes the inmates are serving time for.

Here’s the icing on the cake. The guy changed his name to of all things “World Peace!” Hey Ronnie. World Peace begins with you. Stop being such a dirt bag, then you can be an advocate for peace. Until then, you are Ron Artest…sorry thug.



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